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Vet-Pro Flea TreatmentWe all love our furry family members but no one likes the fleas they bring into the home. Fleas are not only a nuisance but they cause serious health problems for pets and their owners. The first step in getting control over fleas is to talk to your veterinarian. They can provide excellent spot on treatments for your dog or cat. The second step is to thoroughly vacuum all carpet areas inside your home. (Make sure you throw away the vacuum bag afterwards as the flea eggs and larvae can be redeposited when you vacuum later. The final step is to have us provide our Exclusive Vet-Pro Flea Treatment. ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida, has developed our fast acting long lasting Vet-Pro flea treatment program that provides the ultimate in flea protection with the ultimate in convenience to you. ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida are the Experts at flea control!

Vet-Pro Flea Treatment
The Vet-Pro treatment program is designed in conjunction with local veterinarians to immediately provide flea control in and around your home. Once your pet has been treated and your vet has made a referral, we come to your home and provide our comprehensive multi-step program that will eliminate the flea infestations, kill all the germs and bacteria from the fleas, and prevent them from coming back. The first step of our Vet-Pro Flea program is the thorough vacuuming of all floor surfaces and furniture in the home. You can perform this step or for an additional charge we will provide this step for you. (If you choose to vacuum yourself, you must discard the vacuum bag after you complete the vacuuming so as not to re-introduce fleas into your home when you use your vacuum again). The second step is the application of an anti-microbial product to all carpet and furniture throughout the home. Fleas leave behind dried blood and fecal material throughout your home and it is critical to perform this step to kill any germs or bacteria left behind from the fleas. The third step is the application of a combination product that kills adult fleas immediately and prevents the flea eggs and larvae from further developing into adult fleas. The fourth step of our Vet-Pro program is the treatment of interior areas with a long lasting inorganic mineral product that provides protection against fleas for up to a year. This special inorganic mineral provides long lasting control of fleas without harming you or your pet. This long lasting flea treatment lasts up to twelve months has no odor and works most effectively if your pet is also treated for fleas. Prices start as low as $29.00 per month.

In some cases the outside of the home will require treatment and we will need to perform a treatment to your yard. Exterior treatments are performed utilizing a combination product that includes an adulticide that eliminates active adult flea infestations and photostable inhibitor that prevents flea eggs and larvae from further developing into adult fleas. Our Vet-Pro Flea treatments are guaranteed to eliminate your flea problems and keep them from returning for 12 months. Email us or give us a call today to schedule your Vet-Pro Flea Treatment!

Contact us to rid your home of pesky fleas with our Jacksonville Vet-Pro flea treatment program.

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