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Effective Termite Inspections and Treatments-Jacksonville Termite Control

Did you know that termites account for more property damage than hurricanes, tornadoes and floods combined? This year termites will cause over $5 billion in property damage. For the majority of Americans, buying a home is the largest investment they will make in their life. Make sure your investment is protected against termites with a thorough termite inspection and treatment services from the professionals at ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida.

Termite Treatments in Jacksonville

Each home is different requiring special termite treatment options. ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida will inspect your home and custom tailor a termite treatment program for your specific problem. ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions utilizes state of the art technology as well as proprietary techniques that ensure elimination of your termite problems. With over 50 years experience in the termite and pest control industry we have the knowledge to provide you with the best termite treatment options. Our certified technicians offer liquid termiticide treatments which provide a complete barrier against termites, as well as baiting systems to prevent and eliminate termites from your property. Our custom tailored termite treatment programs will ensure that your property is protected against the threat of termites! Prices start as low as $150.

Termite Warranties

If you choose ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida to provide Jacksonville termite treatment to your home you can rest assured that we will stand behind our work with a termite warranty. Take advantage of our re-treatment or repair warranties, which cover up to $500,000 in termite damage on a home or business. If termites re-infest your home or business we will provide re-treatment and will provide repair of the termite damage up to $500,000. With our warranty program we will provide an annual termite inspection. If you want the ultimate in Jacksonville termite protection email or call ECO-LOGIC Pest Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida today!

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